I try to remember this every morning.

The past is gone.

Learn from it, don’t dwell on it. Today is a fresh chance.

Focus is a superpower.

One hour of focus is worth 10 hours of half assing it.

Whatever the situation, you can handle it with focus.

Identify the most important thing.

Assume that’s the only thing you’ll get done today and commit to it.

Ignore the rest.

If it helps with focus, tell others you need more time or what you’re focused on. Put other stuff on a list for later or delegate it. …

In computer programming, you’ll soon hear about a Single Source of Truth as a cornerstone principle. Simply, there must be one final answer somewhere to whatever question. For example, what is your name? What if you use a nickname sometimes? If we have three different names for you, we have to pick one, or show them all. And who decides? Simple. Common sense. Someone or something must decide. But just one, not two, or else we have conflict and chaos.

But hey, sometimes we just decide to burn it all down. And so I tried. Oh boy…

I wasn’t crazy…

Around 6 PM yesterday my wife came in crying that our cat, an 8 year old female, has diabetes. Essentially the equivalent of type II diabetes in humans, that is, it was brought on as an adult.

I was immediately furious because I knew the culprit: a diet with sugar snuck in, in excess amounts, where it doesn’t belong.

So I looked at the food she’s consumed for years. I’ll get into this more in subsequent articles, but I was not surprised at what I found: sugar. …

Most of, if not everything, that people want to be and do lies behind a wall of struggle. To be healthy, one must exercise, and avoid sugar and junk food. To be smart, one must read and learn. To be excellent at a skill, one must do reps over and over again.

But everywhere there is resistance.

Every time one sits down to a task, all of a sudden the tricks begin. Jumping to social media. Let’s check texts. I need water. I’m hungry.

Once you’re on the path it sucks you in. When you’re hunting down a problem, you…

Sendgrid Inbound Parse is a webhook that receives emails and posts them to an endpoint of your choosing.

I had an unusually hard time figuring out how to make this work with Next.js, even though a well known solution exists for express servers, which looks as follows:

const express = require(“express”);
const app = express();
var multer = require(“multer”);
var upload = multer();
app.post(“/”, upload.none(), function (req, res) {

That’s it. Sendgrid sends over multipart/form-data and multer turns it into a usable body. In the example above I’m just focused on email text, not attachments.

However, I tried…

So I got Superhuman, which is awesome btw, to tackle my perennially 5000 messages full inbox, but in the process went down a rabbit hole of cleaning out old emails, some from 7 years ago or more.

Ohhh boy. This was painful, and I probably should’ve just deleted them all sight unseen. But I just had to look, like lifting a rock to see all the worms. Here’s what I found.

Way too Many Promises

I still cannot understand what could’ve possibly make me think I could or would do as much as I said. I don’t even know if I could’ve done 1/10th…

Disclaimer: I am definitely NOT an expert on the topic of crypto. I’m trying to figure it out as are many others. Those who know more are especially welcome to comment and correct my reasoning.

So I bought some Bitcoin a few years ago, when it was in the mid-hundreds of dollars. I did it for two reasons:

  1. It makes tremendous sense that there be an Internet currency of some kind, and especially one that avoids the conflicts of interest government currencies face — mainly that governments can inflate their currencies to get out of perennially growing debts.
  2. The total…

The Saturn V Rocket: product of an arms race

Supposedly Easter Island went from a fairly happy community to societal collapse in about a century or two, and one theory to explain it is that the residents entered an all consuming arms race. Well, technically it was a statues race. It was important in their culture to invest in the large statues for which the island is famous. Unfortunately, after years of one upping each other to build more and more impressive statues, the residents got sucked into a sort of death spiral where they disastrously committed excessive resources and efforts to this project.

I thought I knew what work was. I worked pretty hard in high school, got into a good university, worked somewhat hard there, then had jobs, where I worked reasonably hard as well.

But I didn’t know what it really meant to work intensely until I started coding all the time, and biting off more than I could chew.

Signing up for more than I could handle was, at first, pretty dumb. I was used to fairly discrete tasks, like writing papers, or making presentations, that you spent a few hours or days on and then they were done.


After working on political campaigns and in government, spending much of college in a political debating club, and generally using up untold hours reading about and discussing politics, I’ve finally concluded that this is basically an expensive habit, and a relatively pointless one, since unlike in other hobbies you can rarely do anything with your knowledge.

Now to be fair I have some relationships that I wouldn’t have had without a common interest at its base, so I’m grateful for those. On the other hand there are diminishing marginal returns, and so after a point there’s just as much risk…

Piotr Prosol

Co-Founder and Software Developer @ Quizzify.

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